Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] 3.2.5 release

yannick wrote:
Eugen Dedu a écrit :

So we are preparing a new stable release.  What are the blocking bugs?

- picture in picture does not work sometimes
- -d 4 warnings about too many consecutive I-frames, still investigating
if it is harmful or not
- initially greyed image, seems only cosmetic, still investigating

Are there others?

The PDU>1500 issue?

Here is a report from a Ubnutu user (I know, I should not trust blindly
a user, but i wont be able to test before tomorrow...):
"No I hadn't installed any non-free codecs (not knowingly anyway).

I wanted to confirm this so I booted from clean live USB memory stick
image (Jaunty).
Selected ekiga for installation.
Synaptic informs that the following are required: libgsm1, libopal3.6.1,
libpt2.6.1, libpt2.6.1-plugins-alsa, libpt2.6.1-plugins-v4l2. (All of
these come from the Main repository).

Once above are installed: Ekiga has the same problem as described above
(PDU exceed 1500) and same solution as you describe above also works.

Out-of-the-box Audio codecs: G722, Speex(16kHz), PCMA, PCMU, G726-16,
G726-24, G726-32, G726-40, gsm, ms-gsm, Speex(8kHz).

Out-of-the-box Video codecs: h261, theora.

So, in answer to your question, only using default packages from Ubuntu
is sufficient for PDU to exceed 1500."

Do we need a workaround for this before a proper fix? (TCP support)

TCP support is the bug no 1 (in my opinion), but it is not for 3.2.5.

Once 3.2.5 is released, we will see the next release goals.


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