[Ekiga-devel-list] NEWS file


I was thinking at the NEWS file, but Damien was faster than me :o)

The current NEWS file is:
* Changes in ekiga 3.1.0
- Added support for G.722 and CELT audio wideband codecs
- Added support for SIP dialog-info notifications, it allows being notified of
incoming calls for the phones of your colleagues with software like Asterisk
- Added support to disable STUN detection
- Improved LDAP support in the address book, authentication is now possible
- Killed the gconf_test_age test, Ekiga can now finally work with badly
installed GConf schemas
- More efficient memory handling using gmref_ptr, increases stability
- Better handling of multiple network interfaces with dynamic addition and removal
- libgnome is not required anymore when using GTK+ 2.14
- Many code cleanups, new GObjects, ...
- Work in progress : XCAP support, Resource List support,
GStreamer audio and video capture support, ...

I would add:

[taken from http://www.opalvoip.org]:
- Support for Instant Messaging protocols
- RFC4103 Instant Messaging

[taken from http://www.opalvoip.org/wiki/index.php?n=Main.Milestones, is this correct?]: - Fix problem with too large UDP packets for SIP <-- does this mean TCP over SIP?
- Complete addition of secure H.323 and secure SIP
- Complete addition of Phil Zimmermans zrtp
- Complete support for multiple media streams of same "type"


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