Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Windows XP: "wave" volume goes to zero when calling

Eugen Dedu schrieb:
Michael Rickmann wrote:
Michael Rickmann schrieb:
my kabelfunk de schrieb:

I've installed Ekiga 3.2.5 on Windows XP and as far as I see it works
fine, but... :-)

I used the call back service 530 ekiga net for my test.
When the incoming coming window pops up  the volume for WAVE in the
audio mixer goes to maximum.
After clicking anwer ("abnehmen") the volume of WAVE goes to zero and I
hear nothing.

Doing a 500 ekiga net echo test has the same effect: After the
connection is established the volume is zero.

This happens on a reals XP machine as well as in VirtualBox.


I know there is a small speaker button in ekiga where I can raise the
"wave" volume, too.
But the default seems to be zero, is only configurable during a call and
doesn't save the value between restarts.

Yes, it is a real nuisance. I think that Ptlib does not have control over the volume settings of the Windows Multimedia interface when opening the device, but Ekiga just relies on it. Attached patch fixes that. This does not yet allow Win32 Ekiga to restore output volume from the last run. I work on that using an extra config key.
The zero setting of the volume slider is a third different shortcoming.

Hi Dominik,
I think I fixed all the audio-output volume settings issues for Win32 with attached two patches. ekiga_1outvolume.diff keeps the output volume

So should this patch be committed (trunk+stable)?
So far I have only tested it under stable because getting Win32 Ekiga stable stable is my chief concern at the moment. In itself the patch is harmless as it only tells audiooutput-core and the volume sliders and ... what the situation is. So I would apply it to both.

across calls, ekiga_2outvolume.diff across Ekiga sessions - the latter is more intrusive as it introduces a new config key into the database which for Win32 is in ekiga.conf. I am just uploading new files to my

Couldn't the output volume be initialised from Windows default/current level? Thus we do not need a new config key.

I can confirm what Vanya Gubkin wrote in . Moreover, I have builds or times when initial audio output is maximal or minimal. Never it is right. I do not think that we changed something in priciple when we fixed the device names in . My conclusion is that as long as we use the PTLIB/WindowsMultimedia device, initial output volume is not defined (directsound still crashes Ekiga). Lately, I also have more Ekigas with zero initial output volume. That is definitely preferable to maximal volume. Once, I had changed the Windows volume settings for other applications and when I called 500 ekiga net afterwards the lady blew my ears - it was an Ekiga with maximal volume. I am quite concerned with the health aspect of this.

In general I think an application should be able to restore the sound settings it used including volume. With the PTLIB/WindowsMultimedia interface Ptlib accesses the "wave" volume which corresponds to Linux pcm. So we have no control over the mixer. I agree that introducing a new config key is a major change for an application. I would not mind to make this a general discussion.

Let me become practical again. I made the patch two days ago, so it is not well tested. Give me some more time.

directory. Could you try I have tested it under XP-SP2 and 7RC. Could you tell me if it fixes the audio for you. For audio input use the general Windows sliders, its a thing I don't see any pattern yet.

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