Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] What's missing for 3.2.1

>> we've been pushing fixes since 3.2.0, and it's now time to get over the
>> list of things to fix for 3.2.1, and see what can be done.
>> I'm not citing anything specific in this mail, so we can subthread for
>> each problem (there are a few).
> For 3.2.1, very important I think:
> - crash on exit (this seems to be a bug in glib,
> - settings migration:
>  - ldap settings are not migrated from 2.0.x to 3.x,
>  - contact settings are not migrated from 2.0.x to 3.x,
> There are also several simple bugs which would be useful to fix for 3.2.1 or
> 3.2.x,
> For 3.2.x or 3.4, very important I think:
> - better error information (for both registration and calling), I have
> already several test cases (and a few bug reports, such as

To add the 3.4 (or possible 3.2.x release would be the pulse audio
plugin. I've tried it as a patch to ptlib but it seems to lock up for
me but I haven't had the time to compile up ptlib/opal/ekiga trunk and
test with it. It would also be nice to have upnp (possibly with gupnp
now that there's confirmation it works on Windows.

> Note that next stable gnome is for 18 May.  Anyway, in debian, I will try to
> push the latest git stable (not 3.2.0 release).

I've pushed a couple of fixes from the opal/ekiga branch into the
release that will be in Fedora 11. There are a number of other bugs
that I have in the RH bugzilla that I need to go through and test and
report upstream as necessary but are yet to have the time.

I'm also seeing ekiga not re-register if I lose the network connection
and reconnect. It seems that its not seeing NM drop the connection. I
can't remember though if ekiga has support for NM or not though (if it
doesn't that would be another nice feature for 3.4 as its painful
having to quit and re-run it to get it to register).


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