Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] High resolutions with H.264

Haeernilion wrote:
Hi everyone,

I actually managed to enable the H.264 encoding/decoding in Ekiga (in fact
Opal) at higher resolutions. At least, it is running stable at a resolution
of 960x720 px. The main issue I am facing at the moment concerns the
hardware support, since there are a few constraints that have to be overcome
in order to obtain a good HD-videoconferencing experience:
@Eugen: Yes, I will for sure commit the changes I made to the Ekiga/Opal
community as soon as I feel that they are mature.

Thanks! But please post it to opal-voip too, there are chances that they comment on your ideas!! (It would be a pity to lose these messages if nobody answers here.)


Eugen Dedu wrote:


I see that nobody answered :o( Please repost your message upstream, to ptlib/opal mailing list (opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net). Send also there the modifications you have done for theora.

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