[Ekiga-devel-list] ekiga beta on netbooks.

Hi All,

I've just got myself a eeePC 901 and installed fedora rawhide on it
with the new rawhide and was playing with the new ekiga beta.

A couple of things that I noticed. Firstly the startup wizard on the
1024x600 screen was completely unusable because the bottom buttons
didn't fit on the screen. This would be worse for a eeePC 701 which
has only a 800x480 screen. This is a bit unfortunate as these style of
machines are a perfect fit for ekiga as they come with webcams and
mics and are nicely portable.

Also is there a way to set which codecs are enabled for an entire
machine on upgrade. It seems the gsm codecs are not enabled on a clean
install or from an upgrade, and for a lot of voip providers they seem
to be the best fit.

BTW, is there plans for a second beta at some stage, there seems to
have been a lot of fixes of late :-) maybe when the svn branches?


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