Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Dependencies

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le dimanche 14 septembre 2008 à 20:31 +0200, Julien Puydt a écrit :
Damien Sandras a écrit :
A mix of both :
- ekiga depends on libopal and libpt
- libopal depends on libpt
- libpt depends on pt plugins

I disagree :
* ptlib could be used without plugins ;
* opal too probably (it provides its own plugins, doesn't it?) ;
* but ekiga definitely needs the plugins.

Not sure it makes sense to run opal and ptlib without any plugin. It
means no audio call and no video call.

Ok, I did:
- ekiga depends on opal, pt, ptplugins (in the 99.9% normal case, ptplugins are needed) - opal depends on pt [there is no plugin package, except unofficial -non-free, which depends on opal anyway] - pt recommends ptplugins [recommends is strong, but not mandatory; if a person does not install ekiga, but pt only, then he knows what he is doing and he can also look at suggests]
- ptplugins depend on pt

Please let me know if you strongly disagree.


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