Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Building Ekiga 3.00 BETA1 with GTK 2.10

Mauricio Teixeira a écrit :
Mauricio Teixeira wrote:
Hi guys,

I was trying to build ekiga-2.9.90, and I got this error:

codecsbox.cpp: In function 'void codecs_box_init(CodecsBox*)':
codecsbox.cpp:476: error: 'gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text' was not declared
in this scope

Well... At the end, I managed to fix myself.

I'm sending a patch so anyone could make use of it, if wanted/needed.

Thanks anyway. :)

It was decided very recently that we would depend on gtk+ 2.12, since it has been in the distributions since long.


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