Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Implementing IPv6 support

Le samedi 07 juin 2008 à 00:14 -0400, Ben Jencks a écrit :
> I have some free time this summer, and I'm thinking of using it to add
> IPv6 support to Ekiga.
> First, are there any estimates on how difficult this will be? Is there a
> public SIP server with IPv6, or will I need to set up my own?

I have no idea about that one. But it should not be too complicated.

> Second, what parts of the code will need to be changed? Ekiga? OPAL?
> pwlib? What parts of each? (I'm not asking for someone to do the work
> for me, just some pointers on where to start from someone more familiar
> with the architecture).

Ekiga is using OPAL and PTLIB. Formerly, GnomeMeeting was using OpenH323
and PTLIB. Somebody from Alcatel added support for IPv6 both in PTLIB
(the underlying library managing sockets and other things) and OpenH323
(at the protocol level).

Everything is well-abstracted and relying on PTLib which supports IPv6.
Logically, the H.323 part of OPAL also supports IPv6, so I think you
only need to check a few places in the code of the SIP part to see what
works and what does not. It should not be too complicated.

> Would it be an acceptable solution to change to using v6 addresses
> everywhere, and support v4 through the backwards-compatibility
> (::ffff: type addresses)? I know that works on Linux, I
> believe it works on BSD depending on a sysctl, and I have no idea about
> Windows.

I don't know about that one.
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