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Eugen and I have reworked the packaging. This explains why there was no
updates since a big week.

You might need to perform an explicit install to upgrade:

$ sudo aptitude install ekiga-snapshot

The recommended source for the packages is:

Changelog include, notably:

* ekiga-snapshot-plugins-all-devices This meta-package will install
support for all know devices by Ekiga (Sound: ALSA and OSS. Video: V4L,
V4L2, Firewire AVC and DC support)

* ekiga-snapshot-plugins-non-free-codecs Non free audio and video codecs
for ekiga snapshot: iLBC audio codec, H.264, H.263-1998 and MP4V-ES
video codec. Check if you have the rights to use them.

* A better support for Ubuntu Gutsy on LPIA architecture (added H.264
Video codec support)

* ekiga-snapshot-ptrace and ekiga-snapshot-develop has been deprecated.

* ekiga-snapshot-gtkonly is an *experimental* version of Ekiga for a
non-GNOME environnement. Feedback is welcome but support might be

Best regards,

Le jeudi 14 août 2008 à 12:55 +0200, yannick a écrit :
> Hello,
> We are on our way to release a major upgrade of Ekiga : version 3.0.
> This upgrade will have a new user interface with presence support inside
> a roster to see live if your contacts are online, away etc., new and
> improved video codecs, hotplug support for audio and video devices and
> many other goodies.
> A few hours ago we fixed a bug preventing Ekiga to be compiled properly
> on the new Low Power Intel Architecture (LPIA) especially designed for
> mobile devices.
> We are releasing more or less daily snapshot packages for Ubuntu Hardy
> (8.04) and Intrepid (8.10) from our development branch (SVN). They are
> build using the PPA service here:
> They include LPIA builds.
> After adding the proper repository, this command will install Ekiga 2.9:
> $ sudo aptitude install ekiga-snapshot
> Those packages are uploaded every day on our own website here:
> As some codecs are not freely available everywhere (USA especially), we
> separate some codecs in different packages.
> The ekiga-snapshot base package include H261 and Theora video codecs. If
> you have the rights, you can try H263-1998, Mpeg4-ES and H264 video
> codecs installing this package:
> $ sudo patitude install libopal-snapshot-plugins-h264
> We ask you to test those packages and report bugs you found directly to
> us here against the SVN version of Ekiga.:
> We also ask people using LPIA devices to report how the new User
> Interface fit those devices. Is the usability good ?
> Please, do *not* report bugs to Ubuntu bug tracker.
> Best regards,
> For the Ekiga team, Yannick Defais
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