[Ekiga-devel-list] Searching in Ekiga Code

Good morning from Spain,

I need to make a small (i think) modification on Ekiga code and I'm
very lost. I'm
engineer of telecommunications and i need to make some tests for my
project (a kind of bluetooth protocol), I'm not very good programming
by that reason I write to you to see if some knows it or has made
something similar.

It would need to indicate a variable to him through GUI (Linux) a
whole number between 0 - 9 this I number would modify FPS(Frame Rate),
% of bandwidth selected by user, and information of colour YES/NO,
only from video information, i don't need to make any modification in
the AUDIO.

I'm searching in Ekiga code and I find the dir
\src\devices\videoinput.cpp where is defined the colour, brightness
and more, but i can't find where is the function of bandwidth
selected by the user.

Thanks for all and sorry for my English!

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