Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] OpenGates to Donate


Le lundi 26 novembre 2007 à 17:26 +0100, Xavier Antoviaque a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm working with the EasyNeuf project, a small PC working under a
> GNU/Linux distribution made for computer newbies:
> The project is using Ekiga, so we felt it was important to donate
> something back. If some of the project developers or contributors are
> interested, I can ship you a few OpenGates - let's say five for
> example, but it can be more if needed.
> To make sure the shipment will be easy to handle, it would be great if
> people who should receive an OpenGate could fill the following form:
> This is the betatest form, so you can skip most of the questions asked
> there; just make sure the contact information section is correctly
> filled, and let me know (here or directly by email) that you have
> filled the application and the name you entered, I'll validate it.

I filled this form months ago. Luc Saillard asked me to do so.

I'm not a developer myself. I do documentation for Ekiga (the and ubuntu wiki mainly and ), report bugs/enhancements,
provide support here and there, and I've done small scripting work on
the platform (the web button).

IMHO if a developer wants this PC he should be first.

My name is Yannick Defais.


> Thanks for the good work, such a project wouldn't have been possible
> without you. :-)
Me joindre en téléphonie IP / vidéoconférence ?
sip:yannick ekiga net
Logiciel de VoIP Ekiga :

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