[Ekiga-devel-list] OpenGates to Donate


I'm working with the EasyNeuf project, a small PC working under a
GNU/Linux distribution made for computer newbies:


The project is using Ekiga, so we felt it was important to donate
something back. If some of the project developers or contributors are
interested, I can ship you a few OpenGates - let's say five for
example, but it can be more if needed.

To make sure the shipment will be easy to handle, it would be great if
people who should receive an OpenGate could fill the following form:


This is the betatest form, so you can skip most of the questions asked
there; just make sure the contact information section is correctly
filled, and let me know (here or directly by email) that you have
filled the application and the name you entered, I'll validate it.

Thanks for the good work, such a project wouldn't have been possible
without you. :-)


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