Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] issues with audio device detection (name wrong)

Le lundi 12 novembre 2007 à 15:02 +0100, Michael Reichenbach a écrit :
> There is a little problem with ekiga on my comp. I am sure that problem 
> is not on my side.
> Please see here 
> The audio device is getting the same name - wave (ok) like the recording 
> devie - also wave (not ok). Therefore I can accept calls, I can make 
> calls, I can hear what my partner is saying but he can`t hear me. 
> Because my microphone is not working.
> Technically my microphone is working well. I am using several other 
> recording software. For example wengophone worked before and after. I 
> made also a screenshot from the wengophone device selection widget. 
> There I can see a 
> difference, output device and input device.
> I would appreciate if this bug could be fixed. I am also reachable for 
> testing and can also tell other recording software which is working for 
> me so you can look at the used library or differences with the 
> implementation.

You should report a bug on bugzilla. Not sure when we will be able to
fix this though...
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