Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Incoming video in Ekiga

Hi Lorenzo,

there have been many changes in both OPAL and ekiga since the last stable release. OPAL makes now
use of a plugin system for video codecs, and the output routines of ekiga have been completely
rewritten. I am not really an expert on H.261, so I dont know whether this is a problem of ekiga
or opal, but concerning that this happens only on a very special occasion and that it does not
happen in the future 3.00 release I dont think it would be worth the effort looking deeper into
this issue... 


--- Lorenzo Miniero <lorenzo miniero unina it> schrieb:

> Matthias Schneider ha scritto:
> > Hi Lorenzo,
> > could you please specify which version of ekgia you are using (SVN trunk, which revision, or
> ekiga
> > stable). Also you didnt mention the platform (linux, win32,...)
> > 
> > Thaks in advance,
> > Matthias
> Hi all,
> I just tried the scenario with a SVN trunk of Asterisk (rev 5157) and 
> the window resizing issue doesn't appear, so I guess it's a problem of 
> the stable version. I don't know if it's a problem in Ekiga or in Opal, 
> since it's Opal which takes care of parsing H.261 streams.
> However, by furtherly analyzing the stream I send, I noticed that when I 
> encode my composed pictures ffmpeg doesn't provide any frame with a PSC, 
> but all GBSC frames, as opposite to Ekiga-stable which always sends 
> frames with picture headers. Since the QCIF flag is set in PSC frames, 
> might the fact that I only send GBSC frames to confuse the decoder? This 
> could explain why when I sent back an Ekiga originated frame before 
> sending my mix the resizing issue wouldn't appear: the PSC in the first 
> frame would tell Ekiga about the QCIF resolution, which it wouldn't be 
> aware of else with only GBSC frames. But if this is a problem (which I'm 
> not sure of), why then the SVN Ekiga doesn't suffer from this?
> I hope I helped you with this feedback, cheers,
> Lorenzo
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