Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows sound fails and is replaced by brp brp brp sound

Le lundi 14 mai 2007 �0:16 +0200, Dieter Rogiest a �it :
> I changed the audio codec from SPEEX to PCMU but the sound still fails after a 
> few minutes to a "brp brp brp..." sound.
> I ran "ekiga.exe -d 5 1>x 2>x" on my sister's computer:
> the only thing I can notice is that jitter buffer packets are thrown away. I 
> think this is when the "brp brp brp" sound starts:
> see extract from stderr.txt in attachment.
> I increased the jitter buffer to 1000 ms (maximum) but the "brp brp brp" sound 
> still appears.
> Is there too much packet loss of the audio stream? Is it a bad internet 
> connection (My computer in Belgium, my sister's in Spain)? But the video 
> keeps playing fine. 
> Is the audio packet loss happening on my computer or on my sister's computer?

The sound starts playing "brp brp brp" because the jitter buffer is
exploding. Having a jitter buffer of 1000ms means that it takes more
than one second before the time you speak and the time your sister
receives the packet.

There can be several explanations :
- you are exhausting your bandwidth
- she is exhausting her bandwidth
---> Solution: try disabling video

- there is a problem with the audio driver of the soundcard
---> Solution: try using another device (for example, only the headset,
or only the soundcard)

Notice also that you are using a different device for capture and
playback: echo cancellation is not supposed to work in that case. I'm
not an expert and can not explain why, but it is mathematical ;-)

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