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Hello Luis,

Some icons of ekiga should just use use theme icons, like
connect.png[1][2], audio volume and camera-video.png[3].

I did some icons last december that might be useful:

(And also the logo, that atm is not using SVG and not folowing
theme-friendly icons[4]:

About the connection status, I really don't know how to draw them with
a good simbology :/


Thank you.

On 3/21/07, Luis Menina <liberforce fr st> wrote:
Hi tangoers !

The Ekiga project ( is missing some good icons,
specially for connection status. The current icons of the project can be
found here:

I've already looked in the Tango icons collection, but couldn't find
icons that would fit the "connectivity" category.

As you can see, many of the icons Ekiga currently uses are 16x16. The
status-*.png files are used in the tray icon, so they kinda look ugly
when stretched on panels with an height superior to 16 pixels. They
would be the first we'd like to change.

Could some gifted artist(s) give a hand on this ? Or maybe point me to
existing Tango icons we could use and that I didn't find at first glance ?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the look you're giving to the GNOME desktop, I
just love your (art)work :-)


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