Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] fixes for win32 build

Hi Matthias,

Someone commited this in the wiki:

I do not know who did it (nick: Ma30002000 ), is it you?

If you find more usefull hints for this page, could you upgrade it/or
send them to me?


Le samedi 17 mars 2007 �2:00 +0100, Matthias Schneider a �it :
> Hi Kilian,
> After having spent quite a while on cross-compiling ekiga for win32 I would like
> to ask for advice
> for the following fixes whose absence prevented the successful
> cross-compilation. Basicallly I
> encountered three small issues with the compile script:
> 1. localcharset.h that is needed for regexp library was not downloaded
> 2. openldap required a  --with-yielding_select option passed to the configure
> script
> 3. for some reason the regexp library was found in the correct place but got
> rejected, as a quick
> workaround I commented out the respective check...
> Enclosed are two patches with the mentioned fixes/workarounds. What I do not
> understand is why I
> myself need these fixes while the build server seems to do without them - since
> the libraries are
> downloaded automatically by the script (I dont have any libraries compiled for
> win32 on my linux
> box) it should be the same, should it?
> Thank you in advance for helping me on this topic,
> bye,
> Matthias
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