Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Improving the GNOME experience : request for help

Le jeudi 07 juin 2007 �1:14 +0100, David Corking a �it :
> As you guessed, I am interested in volunteering for 1 to 4 (I don't
> fully understand 5 yet - questions below.))

Excellent news ! 

Setting things in place will be the most difficult.

> I don't have a track record in release management.  My only
> credentials are that I am interested, I know how to use rsync and to
> do CVS and SVN checkouts.   It is a long while since I built Ekiga
> from source.  Interested?

Of course !

The first things to do are :
- ask the GNOME accounts team for a SVN account, and an account to be
able to upload to You have to ask yourself, and put me
in CC so that I can confirm. You can see all the required information on

- take a CVS account on, and give it to Craig Southeren
so that he can give you read/write access to the CVS of OPAL and PWLIB.

Understand the various branches :
- Ekiga 2.0.x is the "gnome-2-14" branch of the GNOME SVN for Ekiga and
can be built with OPAL and PWLIB from the "Phobos" branch of the
sourceforge CVS.
- Ekiga "HEAD" corresponds to OPAL and PWLIB HEAD.

You also have to understand tags. (I suggest you try getting the sources
of Ekiga 2.0.9 with OPAL and PWLIB from CVS and SVN and compare to our
tarballs to make sure you understand things).

> Oh - and I am based in the UK - anyone know if that could cause patent
> problems for the project?


> On 6/7/07, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:
> > > Are releases to after each release on, or simultaneous?
> > >
> > Simultaneous. You should release there before
> OK.  I can make time to do manage these releases - but not at short
> notice and not during the working day.  The key to me making time
> would be to freeze SVN (or a branch of SVN) a few days before so that
> I could have some time to make the tarballs and test them, and double
> check the uploads and links from the release announcement and website
> are ready for the release.

It is always the case :)

> > > > 5) Build a repository
> > >
> > > What are the issues with the existing repositories?
> >
> > The existing repositories will be built from the repository the release
> > maintainer will build. Currently, each time I receive a package, I need
> > to scp it to That is time consuming for me. Every release, I
> > loose a few hours on that instead of coding.
> Could a release manager extend the script that builds the nightly
> snapshots to also make release packages?  Does the build script
> automatically slurp the library tarballs or CVS down from Sourceforge?

I don't really know, Kilian is handling that script, he is in CC.
Notice you will have to use specific branches and tags, so the script
should be made generic. You do not need to build on all distributions,
you just need to create the tarballs and test.

> Finally, do you think the package maintainers could be persuaded to
> upload packages (or package definition files) to a stable location?
> Or do they do this already?

We could do that if somebody setups the server.

> > > > Also, regularly, that person should upload the required OPAL and PWLIB
> > > > dependencies for the SVN version to
> Where on do copies of OPAL and PWLIB go?  I did not find
> them on

You need to login to using ssh, upload the tarballs there, 
then use "install-module".
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