[Ekiga-devel-list] Linux driver for CM109 USB VoIP phones


I have implemented a small linux driver for CM109-based
USB VoIP phones, like the KIP-1000. The patch can be
found here:


With this handset connected to your computer, and an
appropriate VoIP application running (like Ekiga),
you can control the VoIP application completely just
by using this handset. Keypad, buzzer, audio etc.

This driver has also been tested successfully with
Ekiga, just change the audio device to the external
sound card in the USB-phone. It should be noted that
hangup does not work, since Ekiga does not use the
"ESCAPE" key as hangup..

If you have a USB VoIP phone using the CM109 chipset
and want to get it working with linux, you are welcome
to use the driver and provide any feedback to me.


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