Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] HELP !!! (Was Re: [VALVE] Ubuntu Edgy)

Damien Sandras a �it :

Le mercredi 07 f�ier 2007 �6:35 +0100, Jan Schampera a �it :

(and masses of similar stuff I didn't find yet, plus masses of similar
stuff from other programs than Ekiga)

We would really need a few persons interested in Ekiga, and who could
take in charge the role of triaging bugs.

We sometimes receive interesting bug reports, often not.
I am loosing much time triaging them.
I am loosing much time trying to reproduce them.
I am loosing much time trying to get information from users to reproduce
the problem.

Most of the time, people send me privately -d 4 outputs. I am forced to
ignore them.

Very often, people send me private e-mails to cancel their Ekiga
account, or to ask a question. I am also forced to ignore them.

I would really need help.

Not from you Kilian, Jan, Julien, Yannick. You are already doing a lot
for Ekiga. We need fresh air, from new people.

Any taker ?
Following what you say, does it mean you're looking for help on Ubuntu or generally? Second case I could be one of the taker ;-)

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