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Hi Craig,

I tried your solution, but it didn't work.
Please take a look at the 3 implementations of OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection, and you will see that

1. GMManager::OnIncomingConnection calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection(connection)
2. That calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection(connection, 0)
3. That calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection(connection, 0, NULL)

Then it's not need to change line 909 from OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection(connection) to OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection(connection, 0, NULL).

The incoming call dialog window is not popping up because method GMManager::OnIncomingConnection (that calls gm_main_window_incoming_call_dialog_show) is not been executed at all.


Craig Southeren <craigs postincrement com> wrote: On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 10:33:46 -0800 (PST)
Andre Kirchner wrote:

> I'm also running into this problem.
> I took a quick look in the code, and think the following is happening
> 1. GMSIPEndPoint::OnIncomingConnection calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, unsigned, OpalConnection::StringOptions)
> 2. Class GMManager extends OpalManager, and method OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, int, PString) should overload method OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, unsigned, OpalConnection::StringOptions), and be called
> 3. Method GMManager::OnIncomingConnection calls gm_main_window_incoming_call_dialog_show, and then calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection) that calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, unsigned), that calls OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, unsigned, OpalConnection::StringOptions)
> The problem should be that signatures of methods GMManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, int, PString) and OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (OpalConnection, unsigned, OpalConnection::StringOptions) are different.
> I'll take a better look in the code when I have more time.
> Andre

I posted a hopeful fix for this problem yesterday.

Here is what I posted:

Looking at Ekiga, I can see one change that will need to be made.

in manager.cpp, near line 909, the following code:

case 0:
res = OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (connection);

should be changed to

case 0:
res = OpalManager::OnIncomingConnection (connection, 0, NULL);

if you can try this, let me know if it makes a difference


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