Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Issues and crash with new opal/pwlib sockets code

Damien Sandras wrote:

Le jeudi 16 ao�07 �1:15 +0200, thomas schorpp a �it :
Damien Sandras wrote:

Can you post a -d 4 output ?

Le jeudi 16 ao�07 �9:49 +0200, thomas schorpp a �it :

outgoing calls fail here always with loop detected since ~3days following opal+pwlibs cvs heads, see attachment.

following Robert, your build is heavily corrupted. The vtable is not
correct, leading to incorrect functions being called.

Make sure you build on a clean system.

ok, make clean solved it. but may this happen?

are we missing some gcc switches? ive thought gcc could handle this.

complete recompile of opal/pwlib after every single patch sucks.


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