Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Ekiga-windows sound fails and is replaced by brp brp brp sound

I had the same issue.

For Vista, I had to set the sound buffers to 20 to get smooth audio in all codecs. For Windows XP, 5 or 6 was OK.


Jiang Jinke wrote:
Hi Dieter,

Increasing the jitter buffer may not work for windows. Because we also
experience the similar problem on Windows Vista using OpenH323. We
tried to increase the jitter buffer but it still has broken sound when
decoding. We found that the sound channel buffer depth needed
increasing under Win32. You can also find that there is a log explain
this on opal-2.2.8/include/h323/h323.h:
 * Revision 1.74  2000/06/29 10:59:53  robertj
 * Added user interface for sound buffer depth adjustment.
 * Revision 1.73  2000/06/23 02:48:23  robertj
 * Added ability to adjust sound channel buffer depth, needed
increasing under Win32.

I saw the code under ekiga-2.0.9/src/endpoints/pcss.cpp

line 63
GMPCSSEndpoint::GMPCSSEndpoint (GMManager & ep)
: OpalPCSSEndPoint (ep), endpoint (ep)
 CallPendingTimer.SetNotifier (PCREATE_NOTIFIER (OnCallPending));
 OutgoingCallTimer.SetNotifier (PCREATE_NOTIFIER (OnOutgoingCall));

 SetSoundChannelBufferDepth (3);

The buffer depth is 3 only.

Try to increase the buffer depth to 10 or larger to see if the problem
can be solved.

For your reference.
We use 15 on Windows Vista. and 10 on other windows such as winxp, win2k.

Jinke Jiang
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