Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Problem with Cisco Call Manager

Le mercredi 11 avril 2007 �8:44 -0400, Daniel Veillard a �it :
>   Following an IRC discussion with Julien Puydt here is my understanding
> of the problems we are facing:
>    - Registration to Cisco call does not work. 
>      Ekiga sends a REGISTER
>      Cisco replies 401 UNAUTHORIZED
>      Ekiga mistakes this and reports at the UI level that
>      the registration worked.
>      Other clients (linphone, Twinkle ...) a that point instead
>      do a new REGISTER with the digest auth info as mandated by the 
>      protocol (this sounds familiar to me from an HTTP perspective)

When Cisco replies with a 401 Unauthorized, Ekiga is supposed to send a
new REGISTER. That is how it works with other service providers,

>    - when Ekiga tries to dial after that
>      it sends an INVITE message to the Cisco Call manager
>      the Cisco Call Manager don't consider the Ekiga client as registered
>      and expects a new REGISTER instead (with auth)
>      It then fails with 500 Internal Server Error, which is relatively
>      sensible considering the current state
>  The core of the problem described in September
> is IMHO not at the call i.e. INVITE level, but the fact that even before
> the REGISTER failed.

If you look at the trace in the above link, you will see this :
<- 401
-> Authenticated REGISTER
<- 200 OK

Which does not correspond to what you describe.

>   Any chance to get this fixed ?

If we agree on what the problem is, yes.
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