Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] GSoC co-mentors for theora codec support

Julien Puydt wrote:
Ralph Giles a écrit :
We have a student who wants to add support for the royalty-free theora video codec to ekiga as a Google Summer of Code project. We can act as primary mentors for this, based on general free software experience, and of course specific knowledge about the the codec and its implementation, but we fear the student won't get far without some help from someone who understands the ekiga code, and can offer support for getting the implementation accepted upstream.

if reasonable assessment of Your student shows that he could get mature enough to do even a full codec project for opal, the remaining risk for acceptance in Ekiga could be easily eliminated if Your student starts first with learning OSS inter-project communications and other project management practices from You, acceptance is maintained, then. so pls let him present himself here and on the devlist, maybe IRC (we don't bite).

besides of that, Your Student should present why exactly his product would satisfy Ekiga's and Opal's needs at first, i cannot find any critics of Your technical and global concepts on Your website, and, since we're on SIP nowadays, interoperability is first questioned.

Are any of the ekiga developers interested in acting as a co-mentor (or primary mentor) for this project? What's your general opinion on the
project idea?

i don't know any mentor in industry who *really* has time for his/her students, but luckily, in OSS there're many devs around in great teams which can help out, to concentrate on just 1 mentor is not OSS way and brings the danger that the other devs could feel no more responsible for *our* student ;)

in OSS he is always free to start and get acceptance just for "showing code", teach him change management -friendly and forward- quality- managing practices so he can't run into frustrating impedance mismatches or other problems. it's not just coding alone.

very good idea and surely warm welcomed contribution.

It looks like a good idea ; however I don't know much about this part of opal's code yet (the codec support is in opal, not directly in ekiga).

me too, codecs are very advanced stuff.

I'll probably still be able to lend a hand (notice I'm not registered as an official google mentor yet this year).

i would, second, that and surely most others.



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