Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] [WIND] Plugins in ekiga

Julien PUYDT a �it :
As a rough sketch, I would say things will go like this :
- a plugin will export a function, say gm_plugin_descriptor, which will return a GmPluginInfo structure ; - upon startup, ekiga will load the plugins (in a known directory), and use the GmPluginInfo of each.

So what do we put in the GmPluginInfo structure? First of all, I would say we put a version, so we only load the plugins we can support (reusing the D-Bus component versions may not be stupid here).

We also put in there an initialisation function, which will probably return a gboolean, so we know if we can keep the plugin or dump it.

What is trickier is : what do we give to this function ? If we want to make future extensions easy, we should probably give it a GmServices structure.

I don't know exactly what to put in this structure :
- probably we will want a plugin to be able to start/stop/pause/whatever calls ; - certainly we will want a plugin to be able to hook itself to the addressbook code, since it's one of the incentives.

Here is another point to take into account : dependencies.

For example, it would be nice to have a kde-core plugin, which would setup things for kde integration, which the kde-addressbook plugin would use -- or any other kde-related plugin.

Another example would perhaps be a dbus-core plugin, on which various dbus plugins would depend.

I still need to think about it some more.

Any insight ?


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