Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] IAX2

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 11:08:19 +1200
Stephen Cook <siti orcon net nz> wrote:

> I have transfer support now.  Also I have done some code cleanups
> (CallProcessor is no longer used for special packet handling, I have a
> new class SpecialProcessor).
> I have looked in to MWI support but I have not got my asterisk server to
> send the information elements (MSGCOUNT).  When I figure out a way to
> get it to I'll submit another patch so users can see when they have
> voice mail.
> I would like to know if CVS head of ekiga supports the latest OPAL yet?
> (If yes this will mean creating the patch will be so much easier!)

I believe that Damien is waiting for me to fix several problems in OPAL
CVS head relating to the codec plugins before he can move Ekiga
development to that version.

I'm intending to work on these issues today, but as always, sometimes
life gets in the way :)

BTW: thanks for your great work - Derek has spoken highly of you and
it's great to have very function IAX2 working in OPAL


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