Re: Can't write Unicode tags

On 17/01/16 21:41, David King wrote:
2) can you please explain what effect do startup codepage guesses have?

E. g. (from my previous message):
01:21:20 System locale is ‘en_GB.UTF-8’, using ‘ISO-8859-1’
02:34:56 System locale is ‘uk_UA.UTF-8’, using ‘KOI8-U’

Those are used as fallback encodings for converting to and from UTF-8
(the encoding used for display in the UI), if conversion fails, such as
when old filenames exist on a system which predominantly uses UTF-8

There has been a large amount of refactoring around encoding handling in
EasyTAG recently, so the detection of fallback locales should now work
more consistently. Also, filename on handling on Windows should work
more reliably. The changes will be in an upcoming 2.4.1 release.

Thanks for info.

Just a feedback: my favorite character encoding related option is "Non-standard encoding for reading ID3 tags" (at the "ID3 Tags" tab).

Best wishes,

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