GSoC 2016 - Intro and ideas discussion

Hi there!

My name is Vivek Pal. I'm pursuing Bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Delhi Technological University in New Delhi, India. I am fairly comfortable in C, C++, Python and their inbuilt libraries. Also, I have been using Linux from past 3-4 years and so unlike most people out there who are generally intimidated by it when they encounter bug, I can deal with those situation. I thoroughly looked into various ideas posted on Gnome wiki page for GSoC 2016. Given my prior experience of required languages, I believe that this project would be a good fit for me. 

I am in junior year of my graduation and so I'll be graduating next year which is why I think sooner I get started into real-world development as soon as possible. Contributing and getting involved in open source communities is perfect place for students like me to get their hands dirty, learn new skills, improve existing skills and meet awesome people of different communities and GSoC is a great place to kick start this journey and continue beyond it ends. I don't want to limit my learning experience with GSoC and want to keep contributing after it ends. I've been an avid user of Gnome Operating system and honestly, I love it more than every desktop environment. I would love to contribute in its development!

Please suggest me some tasks to get started.

Vivek Pal

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