Re: [CSDN SoC] Command-line tagging client for EasyTAG

Hi Chunyang

On 2014-06-19 03:26, Chunyang Xu <xuchunyang56 gmail com> wrote:
I'm Chunyang Xu, a 3rd year student from Southeast University,
Nanjing, China. I saw your proposal on CLI version of easytag in

I'm interest in this project. I have some experience in GNOME
development like GLib/GObject and GTK+. I've build easytag using
jhbuild and taken a look at currently-open bugs on bugzillia but I
didn't find any small bugs to fix. I'll be very appreciated if you can
give me some suitable bugs or tasks since I want to get familiar with
the code base of easytag quickly.

Thanks very much for your interest! It is very good that you have already built EasyTAG in jhbuild.

A bug that may not be too difficult to fix (and that would give you a good introduction to the tagging code in EasyTAG) could be:

That bug is about removing fields from a file if those fields are not shown in the UI. My approach to this problem would be to add an option called something like "preserve tag fields which are not visible in EasyTAG", and default to on. For users who want to disable that functionality, if the setting was switch to off, the extra (non-UI) fields would be removed when saving the file.

If you concentrate on files with Vorbis comments (Vorbis/Speex/FLAC), you should be able to solve this quite easily, as there is a field in the File_Tag structure which stores information about all "other" (non-UI) fields. If you solve it for Vorbis comments first, that would be a good small bugfix. If you want more tasks after that small bugfix, you could make similar changes for all other tag formats.

I will be travelling for the next couple of days, so may be slow to reply. Please let me know if you need any more information.


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