[Easytag-mailing] EasyTAG 0.17.1 has been released! (Developing Version)


  A new developing version of EasyTAG have been released today. This version
includes mainly enhancement of memory usage.

Packages are available from the page :

What is new ?
    * Code cleanup and better memory use (very big optimization due to some
old parts
      of code removed),
    * Fixed syntax of static librairy libmpeg123 into Makefile.am (might
cause some problems),
    * Ability to choose the genre freely, completion of text rewritten,
    * Rename file scanner: doesn't write the 'trailing separator' of an
empty field,
    * Dutch translation updated (thanks to Björn Olievier),
    * Japanese translation updated (thanks to Takeshi Aihana).


EasyTAG - Tag editor for MP3 and OGG files
Jerome COUDERC  <j couderc ifrance com>

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