Re: Missing EPG data

Am 12.04.2012 18:52, schrieb Jens Georg:
>> Unfortunately, there's no ready-to-use tool, you'd have to use
>> gst-launch and specify a pipeline there which should start with
>> dvbbasebin and look at the bus messages:
>> gst-launch -m dvbbasebin frequency=XXX <more parameters>
>> program-numbers=<sid> .program_<sid> ! fakesink
>> I think you could use "playbin2 uri=dvb://<Channel>" when a
>> channels.conf is in ~/.gstreamer-0.10 as well.
> I just noticed that I get a suspicious output:
> ERROR      EPGScanner.vala:243: Internal data flow error.
> gstbasesrc.c(2625): gst_base_src_loop
> (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDvbSrc:dvbsrc:
> streaming task paused, reason error (-5)
Since upgrading to Fedora 17 I'm able to reproduce this problem with
0.2.7. There's a fix in git master. Although the error message still
exists, the EPG scanner no longer aborts on error.

Best regards,

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