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Hi Sean,

I noticed this as well. It appears the problem when using Drivel with Blogger 1.0 is simply that the default URL is not (or is no longer) correct. Drivel uses:

for its default Blogger 1.0 URL value, but this should be:

(as stated at the bottom of the Blogger Third Party Apps page at .

When I change the URL accordingly in Drivel's Blogger 1.0 field, it works for me.

I believe that a previous poster pointed you to the current source tree.

Good luck!

On Jan 2, 2008, at 8:18 AM, Sean Fritz wrote:

Hi. I'm a developer that recently tried using drivel against blogger (which failed). I then decided I'd go ahead and implement whatever is missing to make that happen.

However, I can't find the current source tree anywhere. informs me to use an anonymous cvs server, but it doesn't appear to be up.

If anyone can point me to the current source, it'd be awesome (I checked the archives a bit, but didn't find anything readily... if this has already been answered, sorry).

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