Re: Licensing problem for Fedora


Absolutely, if you can prepare a patch, I'll get it committed as soon as possible.


Paul W. Frields wrote:
I maintain the drivel package in Fedora, and have recently noticed that
the license for the md5.c and md5.h code in drivel is licensed under the
Aladdin Free Software License[1] ("AFSL").  That license has been
declared as non-free by the Free Software Foundation, and packages with
AFSL-licensed code are no longer permitted in Fedora.  As a matter of
fact, the AFSL is incompatible with the GPL according to the Free
Software Foundation.

However, the openssl library should be able to provide the MD5 functions
needed to eliminate the need for this code in drivel.  If I can generate
a patch for this, can it be committed quickly?  I've seen so little
traffic from this list I am worried I will simply have to drop the
package from Fedora, which I'd like to avoid, especially since I use it
myself. :-)

Replies?  Comments?


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