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Hi Dennis,

Dogtail is alive, there's just a bit less need of patches these days,
as dogtail seems rather stable and fine from our POW - until something
breaks of course. We will be releasing again with some minor enhancements
and python3 support.

As far as the recorder goes, the situation haven't changed, and the 
recorder is not coming back for the same reasons, mainly:
1) recorder works all around procedural module ('focus' based api),
that's less suited to modern desktop as far as stability and deterministic
behavior goes. We're trying to promote everyone to use the object
based 'tree' API and as far as our support goes, we do consider the
procedural api deprecated (but will not remove it from dogtail
for legacy reasons). Though honestly we should be trying to better
communicate that on dogtail homepage as well as we do lack some
best practices tutorial (- in one sentence - get ipython, import
dogtail.tree.root, find your .application(), <TAB> and play :-) )

2) tech reasons. The a11y implementation has changed substantially,
and with the new all-dbus based a11y, making a new recorder would take
way too much effort that does not seem reasonable due to 1).


----- Original Message -----
i wanted to ask, whether dogtail still lives or is dead? i do not see
active development in the dogtail git repository.. or do you consider
your application feature complete?
In this case, i wanted to ask again, if there's any chance, if your
dogtail recorder comes back to life.
I asked last year, but you had other priorities, which i understand
well, AND i had no time to try and reactivate it, too. But if you say,
dogtail is stable AND you are interested and would help me with it, when
i run against walls, i would try, to get the recorder working...

what do you think?


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