Re: dogtail -devel Dogtail 0.7.0 Released

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On Thu, 2009-10-22 at 14:52 +0800, Jeffrey Huang wrote:
> Hi, Zack,

Hi Jeffrey,

> I am using dogtail to do GUI automated testing on OpenSolaris,
> and very happy to see it is updated with the new atspi, as my testing
> was blocking for quite something, and even think about to move to LDTP.

Yes, it took far longer than anyone wanted to get the release out; the
whole "just one more fix" attitude...

> So as moving on, can we make some improvements to let us be updated
> with status and progress, include:
> 1. Status update, like when incompatibility happens if GNOME and ATSPI
> changed

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Are you talking about things like
changes in Dogtail's API? Or change sin the GNOME/AT-SPI stack?

> 2. Progress of current development
>   I can get some info from timeline:

The above (or 'git log' from a clone) is currently the best way to see
what's going on with the project.

> 3. Future plan, like
>    - Schedule for next major release
>    - How often it is updated? Is it on a regular basis?

These two are really the same issue. I would like updates to be on a
more regular basis, absolutely.

>    - Any plan to support new features or new updates in the future?

Yes, absolutely. Since the 0.7.0 release I focused on fleshing out unit
tests, because I have a backlog of patches to go through. The next
feature I plan to work on is the logging mechanism. It's a little too
old and inflexible. I'm looking at replacing it with something based on
python's own logging module.

> I would recommend that dogtail is very good harness for Gnome GUI testing,
> so what I'd to like to see is to make it more confident for test 
> engineers to use it.

Glad to hear that it's working for you. I completely understand what
you're saying. I'm doing my best to improve the organization of the
project these days. As always, input is appreciated!


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