dogtail 0.4.3 released.

A particularly cool new release of dogtail has just landed. Tarball and
packages at the usual place: .

Major changes in 0.4.3:

* Headless support has been added. Use dogtail-run-headless to spawn an
X server, a minimal "Nat/Jeff" GNOME session, and execute a given
dogtail script before exiting. The dogtail-detect-session script detects
a running GNOME session, but KDE support can be dropped in once KDE has
accessibility support.
* dogtail now uses a notification icon while it is running. Its tooltip
is equal to the last message relayed by the debug logger. Most of the
code was taken from jhbuild.
* Sniff, the AT-SPI browser that uses the dogtail libraries, has gained
icons for both applications and specific widgets (based on the role
name, taken from at-poke) to make browsing easier.
* Sniff also gained a proper dogtail icon.
* The procedural API has been given more convenience functions for
'focusing' different types of widgets.
* The procedural API has also been given an openItem() method, which
works just like click(), for opening icons on nautilus' desktop.
* dogtail can now detect Gentoo and Conary distributions, thanks to
Brent Smith and Tim Gerla, respectively.
* The Node class in dogtail.tree now exports the 'role' attribute in
addition to the 'role name'.
* Wrappers for gcalctool and yelp were added, thanks to Dave Malcolm.
* A wrapper for gedit was added, thanks to Paolo Borelli.
* New examples for Evolution, gcalctool and the GTK file chooser were
added, thanks to Dave Malcolm.
* Dave Malcolm also enhanced the Evolution wrapper, adding support for
creating new meetings.
* A new example that generates fake documentation for a given
application has been added, thanks to Dave Malcolm.
* dogtail.spec has been added, thanks to Jeremy Katz, to improve the
quality of the RPM packages.

* several examples had not been updated to reflect API changes before
the last release. This has been corrected.
* The epiphany wrapper now uses the package name 'epiphany-browser' on
Debian-based distributions to detect the package version, thanks to
Andrew Beresford.

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