dogtail Question about labellers/labellees

First, the obligatory thanks for dogtail so far: it seems pretty damned
slick, and I'm actually working on building some helper classes at work
for our own software so that people can use it to do gui scripting;
people need to do iterations over lots of things, and it looks like
running MovieOS and having python scripts that literally just drive our
GUI is going to be a perfect solution (and great for demos)

I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding things, or if things aren't working
quite the way they should:

In glade, I can tell a field that it labels another, or I can tell a
field that it is labeled by another. I would think that those two sets
of relationships should be merged automatically into some
uber-relationship, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In there, I have a glade file that defines two gtklabels and two

I tell it:
   labelA labels entryA
   entryB is labeled by labelB

I would then assume that it should be true that:
   entryA is labeled by labelA
   labelB labels entryB

This does not seem to be the case. In, I iterate
over both entries and print entry.labeller, then I iterate over both
labels and print label.labellee, and get:

Entry (B):
Node roleName='label' name='B' description='' text='B'
Entry (A):
Label (A):
Node roleName='text' name='' description='' text='A'
Label (B):

Can anyone tell me if I'm misunderstanding things, or if this is a bug?
If it's the latter, is anyone currently working on it or should I look
into writing the patch myself? (it's standing in the way of work-work so
I can see about fixing it on company time :) )

Also, on a bit of a tangent, is "labelled" a britishism? It looks weird
to my yankee eyes, and evolution keeps putting red squigglies under it. says that both "labeled" and "labelled" are correct, but
I'd never seen the latter before, and am curious why.


David Hoover <karma deadmoose com>

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