dogtail-devel Dogtail logfiles

Dogtail systematically create logfiles in /tmp/dogtail/.  The 1st user to
run a script using dogtail (including the sniff gui) wins, and no other
user can use dogtail any more until that dir is manually removed.

>>> from dogtail import *
Creating /tmp/dogtail ...
Creating /tmp/dogtail/logs ...
Creating /tmp/dogtail/data ...
Creating logfile at /tmp/dogtail/logs/log_20080611-101107_debug ...
Detecting distribution: Debian (or derived distribution)
Warning: AT-SPI's desktop is visible but it has no children. Are you
running any AT-SPI-aware applications?
Creating logfile at /tmp/dogtail/logs/log_20080611-101108_results ...
$ ls -ld /tmp/dogtail
drwxr-xr-x 4 yann yann 80 jun 11 10:11 /tmp/dogtail

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