dogtail-devel [Bug 478984] dogtail-run-headless fails when trying to run example scripts

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------- Comment #1 from Michal Babej  2007-10-03 14:47 UTC -------
I've digged into this a little.

Tried running on F7. pretty much same error messages.

The error messages are saying at-spi-registry daemon hasn't started.

if you run dogtail-run-headless:
"dogtail-run-headless -n ./"
it runs the command :
"xinit /tmp/dogtail-headless-xinitrc.XXXX -- /usr/bin/Xvfb :1 -screen 0
1024x768x16 -ac -noreset -shmem"

with the content of /tmp/dogtail-headless-xinitrc.XXXX being something like:

/usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon &
gnome-panel &
nautilus -n &
metacity &
sleep 10
cd /home/some_user && dogtail-detect-session && sh -c
"; echo -n $? > /tmp/dogtail-headless-exitcode.XXXX

You might think adding "/usr/libexec/at-spi-registryd &" would solve the
problem. It doesn't. Why ? because gnome *does not* support running multiple
sessions for the same user on the same machine. It doesn't even make sense.

Now the possible solutions that come to my mind:
1. some "test" user - created by hand & passed as parameter, or maybe at
dogtail install time, don't know
2. try to speak to the already-running at-spi-registry (i doubt this would
work,  and if you want a separate testing environment which would not affect
normal session, this isn't it :)
3. maybe somehow "integrate" with fast-user-switching ?
4. dump dogtail-run-headless ? O:)

i'm leaning toward 1. but that seems pointless to add to dogtail, since you can
achieve it easily with a VNC/Xorg session for a hand-created test user.

-- mb

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