Feedback on anjuta-manual/3.18/

Hi guys...

Please don't take the comments as negative critique. They are meant to 
be constructive!

I find that the manual is chronically lacking graphics for clarity. I
continually struggle with adding libraries to projects. How do I
recognize which entries in the project tree are 'Modules', 'libraries',
'targets' and other elements? It would be nice to have a legend to the
icons appearing in the tree. A couple of screenshots would be helpful!

As an example, I attached basically the project tree of the default
''. I wanted to try and add the goocanvasmm-2.0 library to the

So, Project | add library. Then +add library. But at this point it
is important to select the correct module. *Not* the default module
proposed (GOOCANVASMM) which won't work, but the selection has to be
set to the GTK_FOOBAR module (else the presence of goocanvasmm will
be tested but no link info included in the gcc command.

Again, a couple of screenshots would be of great help!

Thanks for all the great work!


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