Brasero documentation: Making an audio CD

The current documentation (3.12.1) makes no mention whatsoever of several features. I believe some of these also apply to video DVDs. I have attempted to identify their functionality but may have made some mistakes:

1. When making an audio CD, you can right click on any track, then select "Edit Information". This opens a dialog which allows you to set/change the title, artist name, composer name and ISRC. What is ISRC? I had no idea until I just Googled it. Needs explaining. You might like to warn that some accented characters may display correctly in Brasero but not in other programmes and CD players. I have found this with the titles of Czech music such as Dvorak's Bože! Bože! Píseň novou.

2. This same dialog also displays and allows you to change four numbers for "Song start options" and another four "Song end options". I had no idea what these numbers are until I was writing this email, when I spotted that hovering shows these as hours, minutes, seconds and frames. So, I now believe they are relevant also to video DVDs (where frames are 1/25 second) and represent the exact start and end points of this clip within its original file. But unless you hover the mouse over the fields there is nothing to tell you what these numbers represent. The label "Options"  could be changed to "Position in file: Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames"

3. The same dialog also allows you to add a pause, after the track I presume. Is this separate from the two second pause you can add with the tools? It seems so.

4. It should be noted that splitting is a great way to eliminate pauses between tracks on the original file: put a split at the beginning and end of the pause, then remove the pause by clicking on its slice and selecting Remove.
In fact, the Split function isn't well documented. It replaces the original track with the two slices created by the split. These are shown in the Slices Preview list, which shows the slices' lengths and start and end positions in the original file. You can put multiple splits into a track. If you insert a split before an existing split the lengths of the slices are shown correctly, in time order. If you want to reorder the slices on the CD you can do so in the main Brasero window by dragging them. You can also name them.

5. The only way to listen to a single track seems to be to right click it, select "Split track", then the 'Play' button.

6. The entire CD image can be played by selecting Preview in the View menu. This displays a Play/Pause button and volume controls. Hover the mouse pointer over the button to display the filename from which the current track was extracted.
If, while playing a track, you click on a different track that track will start playing. This does not happen if you first pause. Frankly, I think this is a bug.

7. The tracks split from a single imported file can all be played in sequence by right clicking any of them and selecting Open. This opens a new window and plays the original file, I think, though maybe it plays only the parts you have split from it.

Great programme, pity the documentation doesn't do it justice.

Best wishes
Chris Lusby Taylor

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