Feedback on users/gnome-calculator/3.24/

This report may be because of a KDE Plasma artifact.
These results occur using Plasma *and* LXDE (since LXDE uses SDDM, the fault may be deeper in the stack than the desktop)

Under KDE Plasma, using the 'Super' key plus ` key while focus is on the desktop (and not on any window *on* the desktop), brings up the Search box

AND leaves the '`' key as an entry -> easy to miss that it is there! (The Super key alone does not raise the Search box.)

It would help if the page described what the 'Super' key IS: on my Logitech keyboard, the Super key is next to the 'Windows' key, both of which are between the right Alt and Ctrl keys.

Using the box as a numeric calculator works fine.

************  BUT  ***************

The trig functions are in RADIANS!

AND entry works, not a explained on this page, but in two different modes:

Entry   cos(30)= [Enter]  -> result .1545144...

Entry   cos 30 =  [Enter[ -> result  .1545144...

Both require the '=' entry.

I am not sure how you can deal with the radians problem...
besides telling everyone to remember 0.01745329252 and enter 0.01745329252*x where x is in degrees!


             R. Geoffrey Newbury                        

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