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Hi there,


I am running a Linux (Ubuntu 14.04), with the Gnome desktop, on a VM-Ware VM from Windows 7 64 (w/ 32G ram).

(FYI: The VM was built for specialized robotics management and viewing by a different branch of my corporation.)


I set the VM’s display settings to: 2560 x 1600.

When the VM starts running I can access the “Activities” top menu to get to the “Show Applications”, am I still within standard Linux/Gnome terminology?.

With the “Show Applications” icons displayed, I choose the Display tool and get:

-        A pink “Unknown Display” large icon on a grey background

-        A match pink “Unknown Display” button

-        And some resolution and rotation controls


Problem: So when I choose a higher resolution from the resolution drop-down control, I realize that there is a missing Apply button.

It is not actually missing, just off the screen and inaccessible for my mouse, so I am in a sticky situation where I don’t have enough screen resolution to change my screen resolution.

Interestingly, I can see the Display application’s Apply button, only when I view the Activities desktop mini-viewer.


Solution: I found the answer… after choosing a resolution from the drop-down, hit the tab key 3 times to get keyboard focus onto the Apply button, then press the space bar.

Remember to select “Keep this Configuration” as described in the help.




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