Re: Feedback on gnome-devel-demos/3.22/


One have to replace Object to one of the options. However, there are a
lot of deprecation warnings.

On 24.08.2017 21:21, Peter Mukhachev wrote:
P.S. I am using archlinux,

$ valac --version
Vala 0.36.4

On 24.08.2017 21:19, Peter Mukhachev wrote:

I have been examining the tutorials in order to build a small app. I
copy-pasted the code and tried to compile vala examples from
gnome-devel-demos/3.22/ and run into the following
error both on simple and extended examples.

$ valac --pkg gtk+-2.0 --pkg gdk-x11-2.0 --pkg gstreamer-0.10 --pkg
gstreamer-interfaces-0.10 mirror.vala
mirror.vala:5.21-5.26: error: `Object' is an ambiguous reference between
`GLib.Object' and `Gtk.Object'
public class Main : Object
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

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