Feedback on users/gnome-calculator/3.24/

This does not work.

   If I 1 by 200 the right answer is 1/200 = 0.005

   But if I follow your 'scientific' notation instructions I get 50!

   That is 1 / 2 X 102 = 50   What happens is the 1/2 division is done first and then the multiplication.

   To be blunt, you DO NOT HAVE SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.  Because if you did then the sequence '2 X 102' would be handled as one number that equals 200
    instead of 2 times 100.   Let me suggest you use 2E+2 to make clear it is a number, not a sequence of operations.

   And while I have your attention let me point out that your documentation on how to use the other buttons on the calculator are written with the assumption that
   I ALREADY know how they work.    I suggest you rewrite them based on how the Windows calculator work so I could figure out what the Ubuntu calculator buttons

Thank you,
John Kirk
60 South Chenango Street
Green, NY 13778
330 518-3769

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