Feedback on platform-overview/3.22/

Hey David et al!

I was looking for the specifications for .desktop files and plugged ".desktop" into Google, which spat out Integrating existing software with GNOME. After perusing, I found some errors I wanted to report and, long story short, ended up wading through historic commit logs to find commit 956f8ff, which finally explained why I couldn't find the code in the repo corresponding to the page I just read.

That's all well and good save that:

1. The first search result on Google for .desktop files leads to an unmaintained page
2. The unmaintained page is also listed under the Development Guides page

I don't know if you could/would want to add a redirect from the old page to the better maintained and more readable Application launching page and I'm also uncertain why the old page is listed under Guides, but I figured I'd point out both to you all and let you determine whether its an issue or not :)


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