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On 12 February 2015 at 20:45, Sebastian Keller <sebastian-keller gmx de> wrote:
I just sent a link to this page to a user on IRC asking about locking
settings down and he had trouble following the instructions:

Item 1 apparently isn't clear enough about what involves setting a
default value when viewed out of context. Maybe an explicit link to
the custom default settings page here would be more obvious.

I have updated the instructions to make them clearer and added links
to more background references.

He also was confused by not having /etc/dconf at all and having to
create it first.

Unfortunately we cannot do much more than to tell the user to create
the directories as needed…

It might also make sense to merge the default settings and lock down
pages into a single page to prevent duplicating some of the
instructions and make it more obvious that those two belong together.

Yes, I will try to review these pages this weekend. They have slightly
different intentions, but the content is rather similar, as you say.


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