About Settings panel logo handling


During the GNOME 41 development cycle, we made it easier for
distributors to provide their own icons to be shown in the About
Settings panel.

After the changes in those 2 merge requests:
the panel will expect to read the LOGO variable in /etc/os-release and
will try to show, in order of preference, icons with those names:
    $LOGO-text-dark: icon with text when dark theme is used
    $LOGO-text: icon with text
    $LOGO-dark: default icon when dark theme is used
    $LOGO: default icon

It will be up to the distribution to set a reasonable value to the
LOGO variable in /etc/os-release, as well as install icons, either in
the hicolor icon theme, or more likely in $datadir/pixmaps or
$datadir/icons, either as SVG or PNG files.


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